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STAR CROISIERES SARL processes the personal data concerning you as responsible for the processing thereof in the context of the use of its website and social networks (Facebook account, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube ...).

It respects the privacy and protects the personal data of the users of the services it offers.


The purpose of this policy is, in particular, to inform users of the methods of collection, processing and use of their personal data and their rights with regard to the protection of personal data with respect to the applicable provisions in this matter, in particular the Monegasque regulations, Law No. 1.165 of the 23 /12/1993 amended on 4 December 2008 on the protection of personal data, and the European General Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR).


The personal data collected on the company's websites, on social networks, by email or by telephone are the following:

  • When the Customer connects to the website, sending faxes or emails, the following are collected: surname, first name, address, date of birth, gender, copy of passport, data related to his possible food preferences, connection data on the site, use and location.

  • During a call to our sales representatives, your conversation may be recorded, and the data collected are: identity, voice of the caller and the person receiving the call, addresses and contact details, telephone numbers of the caller, date, time and duration of the call, content of the telephone conversation.

  • When managing your file, your contact details, travel references are saved. However, your payment details are not retained.

  • During your connections in our social networks, the information (comments, photos, videos ...) that you would like to leave us.


  • Access and use of the Platform by the client.

  • Management of the operation and optimization of the website.

  • Manage our business relationship.

  • Management of possible disputes with clients.

  • Organization of the conditions of use of the payment services.

  • Verification, identification and authentication of the data transmitted by the client.

  • Preserve and update our customers' files.

  • Personalization of additional or promotional offers or display ads based on the customer's browsing history, according to their preferences.

  • Prospection and development of the Seller's activities.

  • Perform analysis and statistics, and develop management, measurement and reporting tools to adapt sales and marketing activities.

  • Prevention and detection of scams, malware and management of security incidents.

  • Sending commercial and advertising information, according to the client's preferences.


The processing of personal data is carried out on the following legal bases:

  • The execution of the contract with the client.

  • Express consent (checkbox, click...).

  • Legitimate interest (commercial, dispute management).

  • A legal obligation where the processing of your personal data is made mandatory by law.


Personal data may be shared with third parties, in the following cases:

  • To the partners of STAR CROISIERES in order to allow the execution of the Customer's order for services providers of reserved services (shipping and air companies, hotels, insurance, customs, subcontractors, financial institutions, technical subcontractors, etc.).

  • When you use the payment services, for the implementation of these services, the website is in connection with third-party banking and financial companies with which the company has established contracts.

  • When you post, in the free comment areas of the website or social networks, publicly available information.

  • When you authorize the website of a third party to access your data (Social Networks ...).

  • When the website uses the services of service providers to provide customer support, advertising, product delivery and payment services. These services have limited access to customer data, in the context of the provision of these services, and have the contractual obligation to use them in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data.

  • When the conversation is recorded (incoming calls will not be recorded if requested by the client), to the company that provides the server on which the data is stored.

  • If required by law, the company may carry out the transmission of data to follow up on complaints against you and comply with administrative and judicial procedures.

  • If the company is involved in a merger, acquisition, transfer of assets or receivership proceedings, you may be required to transfer or share all or part of your assets, including personal data. In this case, customers would be informed, before personal data is transferred to a third party.

The company undertakes to transfer personal data outside the territory of the European Union and Monaco only in a secure framework in accordance with the requirements of the applicable legislation, i.e. to countries with a level of protection called "adequate" in the sense of the European authorities for the protection of personal data, or to entities that have signed contractual clauses promulgated by the European authorities.


In some cases, we are obliged to retain the data to comply with our legal and administrative obligations.

  • The retention of administrative records for 10 years.

  • The retention of invoicing and accounting for 10 years.

  • Management of a customer file for 5 years after the last business relationship,

  • Audience measurement statistics ex: cookies, for 6 months.

  • Recording of conversations: 180 days.


Desiring to ensure the security of your data, the company takes all useful precautions whether physical, logical, administrative or organizational, with respect to the nature of the data it processes, and the risks presented by the various treatments, to preserve the security of the data and prevent them from being distorted, damaged or that unauthorized third parties have access to them.

In case of subcontracting of part or all a processing of personal data, the company imposes on its subcontractors guarantees of security and confidentiality of personal data through technical measures for the protection of such data and adequate human resources.


You can:

  • Access all information about you.

  • Update or delete your data by calling us.

  • Know the origin of the information about you.

  • Access the information on which the person responsible for the file was based to decide about it.

  • Obtain a copy of it, (a fee may be requested that does not exceed the cost of reproduction if the request does not seem justified).

  • Demand that your data be rectified, compiled, updated, blocked or deleted. The company must comply with your request in certain exhaustively listed cases: when the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, when the data subject objects to the processing, when the processing is declared illegal, etc.

All you must do is send a written request by certificated mail to the attention of "Star Croisieres SARL - Personal Data Processing Service", to the following address: 6, Boulevard des Moulins - 98000 Monaco, Monaco ; or by email to

In the interests of confidentiality and protection of personal data, the company must guarantee the identity of the user before responding to his request. Likewise, any request for the exercise of these rights must be accompanied by a copy of a signed identity document.

You can also appeal to the Commission de Contrôle des Informations Nominatives located at 7, rue Suffren Reymond - 98000 Monaco, Monaco in application of Monegasque law, or to the CNIL : 3 Place de Fontenoy, 75007 Paris, France in application of the GDPR.


The company wishes to inform you clearly and transparently about the use of cookies when you visit this website and to remind you of your rights.

What are cookies?

A "Cookie" or tracer is an electronic file deposited on a terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone ...) and read for example during the consultation of a website, the reading of an email, the installation or use of a software or a mobile application and this regardless of the type of terminal used. (Source: )

Cookies are used by this website, to facilitate your navigation or to compile statistics on visits. Without them, websites would not be able to function properly.

What types of cookies does our website generally use?

  1. Cookies strictly necessary for the provision of the online communication service of the site:

"Strictly necessary cookies" are essential cookies that allow you to browse websites and use their features, such as accessing secure pages. Without them, service registration and connection are not possible. These cookies do not collect any information about you that can be used for marketing purposes or to remember the websites you have visited.

  1. Performance cookies, for audience measurement:

"Performance cookies" collect information about how you use a website. In particular, they make it possible to identify the pages you visit most often and the error messages that appear. They do not collect personally identifiable information. All information is anonymous. They are only used to improve the operation of a website

  1. Cookies to share on social networks:

On some pages there are buttons or modules of third-party social networks. They allow you to exploit the functionalities of these networks and share current content with other users of these networks.

When you visit a web page where one of these buttons or plug-ins is located, your browser may send information to the social network, which can then associate this display with your profile.

Cookies from social networks, which are not under the control of the company, can be deposited in your browser by these networks. We invite you to consult the specific privacy policies of each of these social networks in order to know the purposes of use of the browsing information that may be collected through these buttons and modules.

Delete cookies

If you are not satisfied with the use made of cookies on the site, you can easily delete them by accessing the cookie folder of your browser. You can also set your browser to block cookies or send an alert message before a cookie is installed on your computer.

For more information on the use, management and deletion of "cookies", for any type of browser, we invite you to consult the following link :


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